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Today we’re going to take a look at a document published by Edgy labs – and how it relates to the SEO industry in Melbourne Australia.

It is called the ultimate 2018 SEO ranking checklist.

Right off the bat – I want to say that I agree with the majority of things said in this document – I will link to it below its.

So in starting the document with a statement that in the digital world SEO – or search engine optimization is an absolute necessity – ticks my first box as I cannot agree with that more. Although get ‘some experts’ like Neil Patel claim that SEO is dead because RankBrain is getting so good, but at the end of the day there will always be people that are trying to understand what RankBrain is doing – and how we can best create the most relevant response to a question you or your customer is looking for.

The first point of Interest raised in this article is respect the Google bot – (A Melbourne SEO agency told us this also)  we often speak to clients that I asked us to sidestep the Google Voice but we know that if you do that it won’t take long for your site to lose its ranking you have to think about how Google find you a page.  Google uses web Crawlers to find your page It needs to be able to navigate your size easily if it can’t do this and you’ve already lost we have to think about the way that you read a book you go to the index all the glossary you find the page with the relevant content Google what does much the same thing the checks your menu structure – Find a page and then tries to determine what they page is about.  there are things that you can do to help the cool I understand what the page is about but then we are moving away from Strictly White Hat SEO and into a grey hat space.

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But I did find funny about this article though is that the article itself doesn’t explain how to respect the redo but it doesn’t explain how the Google but works it merely advises you to hire somebody that does.  so that’s marked down I came to this article to learn how to do this not to be told that I should go out and find someone to do it for me.

The second most important thing the number to on this list is doing your keyword research and I agree with that he would research is not easy and it is extremely important. I spoke to our SEO and she said she prefers tools like KWfinder if you are on a budget, or SEMrush if you are doing this professionally. Additioanlly, you should become skilled in the ways of Google Search Console  – it can help you to pull up the terms That are currently being searched for  end are already indexed for pages on your site.


When we first meet with our SEO she told us that we should look at the uses and try to come up with a primary ‘keyword’ based on what the user is trying to accomplish – start with that and then break it down to the number of ways in which that question can be asked.  We will be guessing what your customer wants. But we should also be clear in what we are trying to provide as an answer to the question that somebody is asking Google.

When we first went down this road (we hired a melbourne based SEO agency) we were told that we should avoid the single term keywords –  and aim for ‘long tail keywords’ as they’re easier to get but we have since found that a well-designed websites will allow us to aim for both variations of that keyword both the short-term and long-term keyword.


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The way in which our SEO told us to think about this – is that a short-term keyword is very broad and ‘not focused’ at all whereas a long tail is very specific. Think for instance best brindle Greyhound dog shoes versus dog shoes.


What does Google think is relevant this to us is the most important question you need to ask yourself.

You might have to do some research on Google search engine results page.

If you do this well, it will help you to build your entire website based  on the information you have learned.

Told us that we need to ask the question to Google that we would think we are the answer to.

So let’s take for instance and example “who makes the best aged leather boxing bag?”

There are 2.9 Million results and the search was completed in half a second. If we were to take a look at the top 5 results we would notice that there are seven elements that are common across all of them.

This next bit is where black hat SEO’s try to pull the wool over your eyes – if you place content at the top of Google and it isn’t relevant as a response to the question being asked by your client then Google will notice that there is a high bounce rate – that people come in and look around – dont find what they are looking for, and then leave. – If you hire a good SEO  from Melbourne then you will notice that this is an ongoing battle they are constantly changing contents on your side in order to maximize your on page dwell time.  you will need to speak to them about how to turn this dwell-time  into conversions.


The 5th point in this document is a load of crap –  they mention that META descriptions are a ranking factor with Google and both Google and the reputable MOZ have stated that it is not.


Point 6 is around contextually related keywords – this is one of those ones where someSEO’s will call them LSI’s  which is a little bit of an untruth but at the end of the day what they’re trying to say is if the content on your site uses keywords or synonyms that are contextually related to the contents of a relevant site then Google will place your site in the same contextual space as the relevant site.

And lastly but definitely not least make sure that your site loads quickly if you think about it all that Google is trying to do is create the best user experience for anybody using its platform and your side being super slow is a crap user experience so don’t let it happen be faster if you have any questions feel free to leave comments below I think for now we’re going to keep the comment off but I’ll put a contact Section in the about page feel free to fire me an email and I’ll get back to you thanks.


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