3 SEO tips any Melbourne (Or from anywhere really) Agency should push

3 things every startup must do to earn the trust of their prospective clients.

Initially this wasn’t going to be a SEO article this is going to be an article about how to gain the trust of your prospective clients.

But we realized is that trust is what is required in order for your SEO to work –  after all,   expertise, Authority and Trust are the cornerstones of any successful website.

People often forget that Google’s role is to provide the most relevant response to a search query.  I learned this while visiting Melbourne Australia and I caught up with some SEO experts after one of their ‘pitch night’ meetups.

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I sat down with a pair of them from a company called search labs and they explain to me how expertise,  Authority and Trust form the perfect triangle resulting in relevance.

So these two guys from Melbourne provide search engine optimization products and services to a select few celebrity clients they also help large organizations to Manicure their reputations and reduce their spend in advertising so today I’m going to talk about what we discussed and that is the 3 ways in which a startup can earn trust of its prospective investors and clients.

Most startups face special challenge establishing trust because there is no track record that more established companies already have in place to show the value that they can bring to whatever landscape it is within which they are actors.

Even though you may have started your organisation with Noble intentions there is always one thing you need to be aware of. People are not willing to buy from you if they don’t know who you are, or what you do, or if there is any indication that what you are doing is scammy or dishonest.

First things first and this is the same with any sales relationship – you need to put the effort in and build some Trust especially where there is a chance that the decision maker is had bad experience in the past you may not have been personally responsible for this bad experience but it would have left a certain amount of distrust and whatever it is you do in the mouth of the decision maker.


Since your company is brand new one of the best things you can do to grow trust is to properly think after white paper and explain your process transparently the more transparency there is your description the better it is from a trust perspective if I understand what it is you do and how you do it I am more likely to trust you then if I do not.  so instead of making promises and guarantees about specific results I would recommend that you be radically transparent about your process show them out every single thing work starting from your website blog articles and case studies how you work and how you approach problems is the biggest trust Builder there is.

Help your client to understand that there is a problem in the industry and that they are the solution to that problem. If you can get your client to articulate what the problem is – then you are already halfway to a solution.  once you get this out of the way, you can sit down and plan out the next step which is ‘how to effectively address that problem’.

lastly and this is a really important one – do not charge low prices people think that if they charge low prices they will get the business but this is just not the reality of the situation. In studies we have viewed companies that charge lower prices are generally not selected there are the lowest ranked out of all of the brands that are put up in the study low prices have a negative correlation with buyer’s perception and brand strength if you are cheap you will not be trusted.

If you’ve been playing the business world for awhile you will understand the term lost leader,  the Lost leader is making a financial loss in order to gain the client then recouping that loss overtime by selling them additional products or services now when you are an entrepreneur or a startup it may seem like a good idea to act like a lost leader or a low-cost leader but this is a poor decision to make. What you were doing is devaluing your service or your product.


Also low price does not provide a sustainable competitive advantage – at some point you’re going to have to recoup that loss at that point you may lose the clients that you bought for cheap.

What is Authority?

I guess one the other thing that people often overlooked is the ability to address existing issues,  or new ones for that matter directly and transparently –  you will notice that the concept of transparency comes up. ‘Trust’ can be redefined as an acceptable level of uncertainty.  

Once I trust you and effectively saying that I am happy with the level of uncertainty around whatever it is you are busy Consulting on.  


This is a very important thing to remember –  if you transparently explain to me what the issue is then that reduces the amount of uncertainty surrounding what we talkin about something else that a lot of people don’t do is under-promise and over-deliver the reason this is important is because every time you successfully increase the amount of trust surrounding what you do.

Something we have recently incorporated into our business model is the idea of ‘slow appreciation’ –  this means that overtime the acknowledgment and praising of your co-workers and employees increases in small increments you slowly show your appreciation this adds value to the concept of appreciation because you aren’t immediately covering them with good wishes.  this indicates to the receiver that the Value Place on them is high.

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As always we here at girder panel hope to influence those around us build trust in Authority in the spaces within which we operate –  which are appreciation for you reading are content and we will be back again next week to provide more I hope that you had a great day and that this all made sense to you essentially the more trust you can foster the more people will buy from you and also from an SEO perspective Trust you Foster the faster your page or blog post will rank.


Other than that this is Sulema – peace out see you next time