SEO in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, are they all still required in 2018?

In 2018 is SEO in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, are they all still required?

This is a question we often try to answer.  the way in which we answer it  is by helping your clients to rank for certain keywords associated with their message or brand.


Why is this important, in the past SEO’s  were seen as that stranger that does this weird form of digital marketing – half in bed and at odds with Google. – It is after all a tumultuous relationship at best.

(see this content to learn more about best practices)


For a long time SEO was practiced in the shadows only those trying to pull the wool over Google’s eyes, but have too many algorithm updates came, updates like penguin, panda, and new algorithms dropped into the mix, algorithms like RankBrain using mystical terms like TensorFlow, Word2Vec etc – some of these are updates and algorithms turned google from the librarian, into the book keeper – the black hat game was lost, and the only way to play now, is the Google Way.


If the content isnt up to scratch then you dont get to play.

We spent about a week speaking to different agencies in Melbourne and Sydney and Perth over the past 3 weeks and this is what we learned.

One of the companies we spoke to advised us that good Search Engine Optimization is really all about exceptionally good content, and good content is a triangle – one side is your ‘on-site SEO’ one side is your ‘offsite SEO’ and one side is the content that Is the most relevant.


In this article we’re going to break this down for you explain exactly how to look at those three sides of this SEO triangle.


3 Sides of the SEO Triangle.


On SIte SEO –  on-site SEO comes down to correctly using tags and other mechanisms so that it is easy to crawl for Google and its indexing Spiders. This may be using the correct H1 header interlinking and not over using certain keywords or concepts a good example is Wikipedia.

We have written other articles that explain the correct way to do on-site SEO and below is just a small snippet. Learn more.


One of the other factors that we would like to discuss in relation to ‘on site SEO’ Is that if this is not done properly then no amount of off-site SEO will help you to rank –  correctly done on site SEO acts a multiplier for any off-site SEO techniques.


Think about the way in which you are trying to show Google what is important about this document –  what is the keyword that you are trying to index and who does it relate to.


One way to accomplish this feat the to use your keyword in the URL structure,  in the page title,  the heading and an anchor texts –  however you do need to be careful here,  there is a certain saturation point Beyond which you will be penalized by Google, because you are now trying to game their system –  All of the SEO companies (this checklist will help you choose one) that we discussed this with recommended against trying to game Google.

The next part of this discussion is around off page seo –  and here you do really need to be careful, because you don’t want to inadvertently game the system. If done correctly this can be a very powerful way to increase the ranking of your web page – but if done incorrectly it can result in the penalization of your site or the De-Indexing of your URL.


So we’d recommend that you tread very carefully.


Some off-site can be accomplished. through the syndication of the content on your webpage.

This along with social shares of your content are the safest ways to create a social buzz around the content that you have created.


Think of off page SEO as The reason behind why people want to link to your content. This Can be a little daunting at first. People think that any effort that results in a SEO or link pointing traffic or links towards your site is considered black hat, but it isn’t that is just normal marketing.

However there are a lot of people that are unscrupulous and are willing to down the black hat road, doing things such as purchasing links or trying to hack the Google algorithm. This is black hat. You will be penalized and unfortunately will deserve to have your site penalized. Be very careful and make sure that the SEO you choose uses only honorable and ethical practices.


The last edge of this triangle is our favourite – the content edge.

For this we spoke to an SEO in Melbourne – they perform a large amount of content consultation and they sat us down and taught us how to effectively create content for our site – this very article has been written using their technique.


This starts with the installation called SEO Quake – See the link.  this plug-in is produced by sem Rush and what it does is it allows you to see keyword search volume, cost per click and relative competition. This is great for selecting Words to use in your search query.

they also recommended that we get a subscription at buzzsumo which allows us to see trending social media articles or if you’re on a budget they also recommend that you use Google Trends.


In addition to this they also recommend that you activate and authenticate your Google search console and Google Analytics.

With these tools installed you will be able to understand what people are searching for how often they’re searching for them. Which keywords your site has already been indexed for and how many Impressions you get from those indexed terms in a given month.

There are tools such as sem Rush that will provide you with contents to write about – they also provide you with a list of links in your competitors are using/ gaining. If you make use of these tools you can get a rough idea of what you should write about because this is what Google and your readers have advised there are looking for. (learn more about local here)

Next story – we will dive deeper into how to create your on page content.