3 Essential Components of SEO in Melbourne

The 3 Essential Components of a Good SEO Strategy from any SEO let alone one from Melbourne.


When finding an SEO to help you rank for a given set of keywords for your company especially if your company is in Melbourne Australia then these are three essential components that they should promote for your organic SEO strategy. To learn more about Melbourne Click Here


Last time we were in Richmond in Australia it’s a suburb of Melbourne, we were at a WordPress conference  and I met these two SEOs  from a company called Search Labs.

They spoke to me and explained (with quite a bit of detail) how every web page should be built ‘as the answer’ to ‘a question being asked of Google’.

Clarendon St Richmond VIC
Clarendon St Richmond image

This has fundamentally changed the way in which we build web pages –  but it has also meant that the traffic that we do get is focused and they find exactly what they are looking for.


This technique essentially crafts the content on the page to match the query.


so let’s get down to it.

First things first keyword research –  in staying on the same topic as the point made above,  every web page is the answer to a question.


You can install a web plugin called SEOquake – I believe it is made by SEMrush –  what it does is show you the monthly volume difficulty and cost per click for any given keyword.

Once you have this tool installed you can start looking at which key words would be used in the question being asked of Google –  try to view the internet at the portal to the answer for the question being asked by your customer. An example would be “ who is the best plumber in Richmond”.


Using this tool,  you can determine how many times each of those words is mentioned to Google every month,  sometimes the question being asked isn’t apparent to us until we create the landing page.


The next recommendation would be to tie Google Search Console to Google Analytics –  firstly will need to verify that you are the owner of your website but once that is done you can tie search console to your analytics account –  this will allow you to see which search queries were entered into google – and how many times per month this query has been submitted.

Let’s have a chat about on the site SEO.

Below is a video from MOZ re 2017

  1. Good old meta description.
    1. A lot of SEO’s that I speak to say that you ‘should’ use the ‘meta description’ for your page.
    2. I disagree with this and research that we have conducted, we noticed that keywords used in the meta description don’t assist your pages ranking, but they do decrease the number of times you can use that keyword in your content before being hit with an over optimization penalty.
    3. So it seems that Google will count the words in the Meta Description, they just won’t allow those words to work as potential ranking factors – this in our eyes depreciates the use of the meta description – because it decreases the value of keywords in your content.
    4. If you don’t populate the meta description, Google will pull content from your page that it thinks is relevant –  you may have to wait a little while and see where Google settles and then go into your page and amend the content so that it is relevant to the search query.
  2. Speedier Site speed.
    1. Site load speed is extremely important –  we believe it is one of the greatest ranking factors mainly because it affect your bounce rate, especially on mobile devices think about the last time you waited more than 5 seconds for a site to load before you left and went to the next site.
    2. Some agencies think that is slow loading site won’t be penalized and this may well be true however high bounce rate will penalize your site and a fast loading page will probably be given preferential treatment by Google –  but since Google doesn’t tell us anything about how RankBrain works we can only observe.
  3. Relevance of Content.
    1. One of the first things that these SEO’s from Melbourne do when they meet a new client – is they sit down with said client and they explain that a sites relevance is its most valuable factor.
      Google does one thing and it does that one thing very, very well. It ensures that the search result it provides is the most relevant response to the search query entered.  Relevance especially from an algorithmic perspective is a combination of three scores –  Expertise, Authority and Trust.
    2. Expertise – Expertise is shown by performing ‘above and beyond’ expectation. Providing more information than your competition.  You may have to read what your competitors are putting out there and then provide a slightly better version of the same information as a response to the same search query. 

      Blocks describing what Expertise Is
    3. Authority – Authority is gained when you achieve a certain number of shares or backlinks to your content especially if it is referenced by high Authority sites –  such as Google or Wikipedia. 

      authority pronounciation
      Authority Description – Pronounciation
    4. Trust – Once you have expertise and Authority down then you can start to build trust with your readers.  it is important that the information that you provide is accurate because Google will check that what you put out there is legitimate if the information is not accurate and trustworthy that you will not get a high trust score and a low trust score means that you will not be the most relevant response to the query. 

      things to trust
      trust image – glass screen door with words on it

This is a video from Backlinko about 2018

let’s take an example, if you were to write a blog about ‘microphones’ and the only people that were to reference you were ‘shoe stores’ then I do not think you would be considered an authoritative, relevant, or trustworthy source of information. But if you were to be referenced by music stores or podcasters or by people that use microphones then that is more of an indication that you know what you’re talking about. so in short, being referenced by people that understand things in the same topically relevant space that you are operating within will assist you in building valuable build trust among your readers.

I know we have a whole lot more to say about this but I’ll leave that until next week.

please come back soon I really enjoy the research component of setting up these blog posts.


Peace out