3 SEO tips any Melbourne (Or from anywhere really) Agency should push

3 things every startup must do to earn the trust of their prospective clients.

Initially this wasn’t going to be a SEO article this is going to be an article about how to gain the trust of your prospective clients.

But we realized is that trust is what is required in order for your SEO to work –  after all,   expertise, Authority and Trust are the cornerstones of any successful website.

People often forget that Google’s role is to provide the most relevant response to a search query.  I learned this while visiting Melbourne Australia and I caught up with some SEO experts after one of their ‘pitch night’ meetups.

learn more about SEO here.

I sat down with a pair of them from a company called search labs and they explain to me how expertise,  Authority and Trust form the perfect triangle resulting in relevance.


So these two guys from Melbourne provide search engine optimization products and services to a select few celebrity clients they also help large organizations to Manicure their reputations and reduce their spend in advertising so today I’m going to talk about what we discussed and that is the 3 ways in which a startup can earn trust of its prospective investors and clients.

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Most startups face special challenge establishing trust because there is no track record that more established companies already have in place to show the value that they can bring to whatever landscape it is within which they are actors.


Even though you may have started your organisation with Noble intentions there is always one thing you need to be aware of. People are not willing to buy from you if they don’t know who you are, or what you do, or if there is any indication that what you are doing is scammy or dishonest.

First things first and this is the same with any sales relationship – you need to put the effort in and build some Trust especially where there is a chance that the decision maker is had bad experience in the past you may not have been personally responsible for this bad experience but it would have left a certain amount of distrust and whatever it is you do in the mouth of the decision maker.


Since your company is brand new one of the best things you can do to grow trust is to properly think after white paper and explain your process transparently the more transparency there is your description the better it is from a trust perspective if I understand what it is you do and how you do it I am more likely to trust you then if I do not.  so instead of making promises and guarantees about specific results I would recommend that you be radically transparent about your process show them out every single thing work starting from your website blog articles and case studies how you work and how you approach problems is the biggest trust Builder there is.

Help your client to understand that there is a problem in the industry and that they are the solution to that problem. If you can get your client to articulate what the problem is – then you are already halfway to a solution.  once you get this out of the way, you can sit down and plan out the next step which is ‘how to effectively address that problem’.


lastly and this is a really important one – do not charge low prices people think that if they charge low prices they will get the business but this is just not the reality of the situation. In studies we have viewed companies that charge lower prices are generally not selected there are the lowest ranked out of all of the brands that are put up in the study low prices have a negative correlation with buyer’s perception and brand strength if you are cheap you will not be trusted.

If you’ve been playing the business world for awhile you will understand the term lost leader,  the Lost leader is making a financial loss in order to gain the client then recouping that loss overtime by selling them additional products or services now when you are an entrepreneur or a startup it may seem like a good idea to act like a lost leader or a low-cost leader but this is a poor decision to make. What you were doing is devaluing your service or your product.


Also low price does not provide a sustainable competitive advantage – at some point you’re going to have to recoup that loss at that point you may lose the clients that you bought for cheap.

What is Authority?

I guess one the other thing that people often overlooked is the ability to address existing issues,  or new ones for that matter directly and transparently –  you will notice that the concept of transparency comes up. ‘Trust’ can be redefined as an acceptable level of uncertainty.  

Once I trust you and effectively saying that I am happy with the level of uncertainty around whatever it is you are busy Consulting on.  


This is a very important thing to remember –  if you transparently explain to me what the issue is then that reduces the amount of uncertainty surrounding what we talkin about something else that a lot of people don’t do is under-promise and over-deliver the reason this is important is because every time you successfully increase the amount of trust surrounding what you do.

Something we have recently incorporated into our business model is the idea of ‘slow appreciation’ –  this means that overtime the acknowledgment and praising of your co-workers and employees increases in small increments you slowly show your appreciation this adds value to the concept of appreciation because you aren’t immediately covering them with good wishes.  this indicates to the receiver that the Value Place on them is high.

learn more about gaining authority via trust here.

As always we here at girder panel hope to influence those around us build trust in Authority in the spaces within which we operate –  which are appreciation for you reading are content and we will be back again next week to provide more I hope that you had a great day and that this all made sense to you essentially the more trust you can foster the more people will buy from you and also from an SEO perspective Trust you Foster the faster your page or blog post will rank.


Other than that this is Sulema – peace out see you next time

SEO in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, are they all still required in 2018?

In 2018 is SEO in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, are they all still required?

This is a question we often try to answer.  the way in which we answer it  is by helping your clients to rank for certain keywords associated with their message or brand.


Why is this important, in the past SEO’s  were seen as that stranger that does this weird form of digital marketing – half in bed and at odds with Google. – It is after all a tumultuous relationship at best.

(see this content to learn more about best practices)


For a long time SEO was practiced in the shadows only those trying to pull the wool over Google’s eyes, but have too many algorithm updates came, updates like penguin, panda, and new algorithms dropped into the mix, algorithms like RankBrain using mystical terms like TensorFlow, Word2Vec etc – some of these are updates and algorithms turned google from the librarian, into the book keeper – the black hat game was lost, and the only way to play now, is the Google Way.


If the content isnt up to scratch then you dont get to play.

We spent about a week speaking to different agencies in Melbourne and Sydney and Perth over the past 3 weeks and this is what we learned.

One of the companies we spoke to advised us that good Search Engine Optimization is really all about exceptionally good content, and good content is a triangle – one side is your ‘on-site SEO’ one side is your ‘offsite SEO’ and one side is the content that Is the most relevant.


In this article we’re going to break this down for you explain exactly how to look at those three sides of this SEO triangle.


3 Sides of the SEO Triangle.


On SIte SEO –  on-site SEO comes down to correctly using tags and other mechanisms so that it is easy to crawl for Google and its indexing Spiders. This may be using the correct H1 header interlinking and not over using certain keywords or concepts a good example is Wikipedia.

We have written other articles that explain the correct way to do on-site SEO and below is just a small snippet. Learn more.


One of the other factors that we would like to discuss in relation to ‘on site SEO’ Is that if this is not done properly then no amount of off-site SEO will help you to rank –  correctly done on site SEO acts a multiplier for any off-site SEO techniques.


Think about the way in which you are trying to show Google what is important about this document –  what is the keyword that you are trying to index and who does it relate to.


One way to accomplish this feat the to use your keyword in the URL structure,  in the page title,  the heading and an anchor texts –  however you do need to be careful here,  there is a certain saturation point Beyond which you will be penalized by Google, because you are now trying to game their system –  All of the SEO companies (this checklist will help you choose one) that we discussed this with recommended against trying to game Google.

The next part of this discussion is around off page seo –  and here you do really need to be careful, because you don’t want to inadvertently game the system. If done correctly this can be a very powerful way to increase the ranking of your web page – but if done incorrectly it can result in the penalization of your site or the De-Indexing of your URL.


So we’d recommend that you tread very carefully.


Some off-site can be accomplished. through the syndication of the content on your webpage.

This along with social shares of your content are the safest ways to create a social buzz around the content that you have created.


Think of off page SEO as The reason behind why people want to link to your content. This Can be a little daunting at first. People think that any effort that results in a SEO or link pointing traffic or links towards your site is considered black hat, but it isn’t that is just normal marketing.

However there are a lot of people that are unscrupulous and are willing to down the black hat road, doing things such as purchasing links or trying to hack the Google algorithm. This is black hat. You will be penalized and unfortunately will deserve to have your site penalized. Be very careful and make sure that the SEO you choose uses only honorable and ethical practices.


The last edge of this triangle is our favourite – the content edge.

For this we spoke to an SEO in Melbourne – they perform a large amount of content consultation and they sat us down and taught us how to effectively create content for our site – this very article has been written using their technique.


This starts with the installation called SEO Quake – See the link.  this plug-in is produced by sem Rush and what it does is it allows you to see keyword search volume, cost per click and relative competition. This is great for selecting Words to use in your search query.

they also recommended that we get a subscription at buzzsumo which allows us to see trending social media articles or if you’re on a budget they also recommend that you use Google Trends.


In addition to this they also recommend that you activate and authenticate your Google search console and Google Analytics.

With these tools installed you will be able to understand what people are searching for how often they’re searching for them. Which keywords your site has already been indexed for and how many Impressions you get from those indexed terms in a given month.

There are tools such as sem Rush that will provide you with contents to write about – they also provide you with a list of links in your competitors are using/ gaining. If you make use of these tools you can get a rough idea of what you should write about because this is what Google and your readers have advised there are looking for. (learn more about local here)

Next story – we will dive deeper into how to create your on page content.


3 Essential Components of SEO in Melbourne

The 3 Essential Components of a Good SEO Strategy from any SEO let alone one from Melbourne.


When finding an SEO to help you rank for a given set of keywords for your company especially if your company is in Melbourne Australia then these are three essential components that they should promote for your organic SEO strategy. To learn more about Melbourne Click Here


Last time we were in Richmond in Australia it’s a suburb of Melbourne, we were at a WordPress conference  and I met these two SEOs  from a company called Search Labs.

They spoke to me and explained (with quite a bit of detail) how every web page should be built ‘as the answer’ to ‘a question being asked of Google’.

Clarendon St Richmond VIC
Clarendon St Richmond image

This has fundamentally changed the way in which we build web pages –  but it has also meant that the traffic that we do get is focused and they find exactly what they are looking for.


This technique essentially crafts the content on the page to match the query.


so let’s get down to it.

First things first keyword research –  in staying on the same topic as the point made above,  every web page is the answer to a question.


You can install a web plugin called SEOquake – I believe it is made by SEMrush –  what it does is show you the monthly volume difficulty and cost per click for any given keyword.

Once you have this tool installed you can start looking at which key words would be used in the question being asked of Google –  try to view the internet at the portal to the answer for the question being asked by your customer. An example would be “ who is the best plumber in Richmond”.


Using this tool,  you can determine how many times each of those words is mentioned to Google every month,  sometimes the question being asked isn’t apparent to us until we create the landing page.


The next recommendation would be to tie Google Search Console to Google Analytics –  firstly will need to verify that you are the owner of your website but once that is done you can tie search console to your analytics account –  this will allow you to see which search queries were entered into google – and how many times per month this query has been submitted.

Let’s have a chat about on the site SEO.

Below is a video from MOZ re 2017

  1. Good old meta description.
    1. A lot of SEO’s that I speak to say that you ‘should’ use the ‘meta description’ for your page.
    2. I disagree with this and research that we have conducted, we noticed that keywords used in the meta description don’t assist your pages ranking, but they do decrease the number of times you can use that keyword in your content before being hit with an over optimization penalty.
    3. So it seems that Google will count the words in the Meta Description, they just won’t allow those words to work as potential ranking factors – this in our eyes depreciates the use of the meta description – because it decreases the value of keywords in your content.
    4. If you don’t populate the meta description, Google will pull content from your page that it thinks is relevant –  you may have to wait a little while and see where Google settles and then go into your page and amend the content so that it is relevant to the search query.
  2. Speedier Site speed.
    1. Site load speed is extremely important –  we believe it is one of the greatest ranking factors mainly because it affect your bounce rate, especially on mobile devices think about the last time you waited more than 5 seconds for a site to load before you left and went to the next site.
    2. Some agencies think that is slow loading site won’t be penalized and this may well be true however high bounce rate will penalize your site and a fast loading page will probably be given preferential treatment by Google –  but since Google doesn’t tell us anything about how RankBrain works we can only observe.
  3. Relevance of Content.
    1. One of the first things that these SEO’s from Melbourne do when they meet a new client – is they sit down with said client and they explain that a sites relevance is its most valuable factor.
      Google does one thing and it does that one thing very, very well. It ensures that the search result it provides is the most relevant response to the search query entered.  Relevance especially from an algorithmic perspective is a combination of three scores –  Expertise, Authority and Trust.
    2. Expertise – Expertise is shown by performing ‘above and beyond’ expectation. Providing more information than your competition.  You may have to read what your competitors are putting out there and then provide a slightly better version of the same information as a response to the same search query. 

      Blocks describing what Expertise Is
    3. Authority – Authority is gained when you achieve a certain number of shares or backlinks to your content especially if it is referenced by high Authority sites –  such as Google or Wikipedia. 

      authority pronounciation
      Authority Description – Pronounciation
    4. Trust – Once you have expertise and Authority down then you can start to build trust with your readers.  it is important that the information that you provide is accurate because Google will check that what you put out there is legitimate if the information is not accurate and trustworthy that you will not get a high trust score and a low trust score means that you will not be the most relevant response to the query. 

      things to trust
      trust image – glass screen door with words on it

This is a video from Backlinko about 2018

let’s take an example, if you were to write a blog about ‘microphones’ and the only people that were to reference you were ‘shoe stores’ then I do not think you would be considered an authoritative, relevant, or trustworthy source of information. But if you were to be referenced by music stores or podcasters or by people that use microphones then that is more of an indication that you know what you’re talking about. so in short, being referenced by people that understand things in the same topically relevant space that you are operating within will assist you in building valuable build trust among your readers.

I know we have a whole lot more to say about this but I’ll leave that until next week.

please come back soon I really enjoy the research component of setting up these blog posts.


Peace out


BEST Melbourne SEO Agency

How to select the best SEO company in Melbourne.

Sometimes when we select a new SEO company we don’t ask the right questions. This article should guide you through that process, as well as present you with some questions that would be useful to ask.

SEO Company Melbourne

First things first, client needs to realize that SEO is not the ‘end game’. It may be a ‘long-term’ solution but it is only the beginning of the company’s overall digital marketing strategy.

Clients often and ask us why there SEO is different for this site and not the same as the previous site and that’s because SEO is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your website is trying to answer a question and that question is not the same question you were trying to solve in the past.

Let’s take a look at a couple of bad things you want to look out for when you’re selecting your SEO company.


Number one and SEO company that claims to submit your site to thousands of search engines is more than likely not that good an SEO. The reason why would only want to be submitted 2 or 3 is because 99% of the internet is served by Google Yahoo Bing and more recently DuckDuckGo.

bing image

If an SEO agency claims to get you more exposure by submitting your site to hundreds of search engines you have to know that there’s only three or four search engines that really matter.

This one’s up for debate as some people claim that a Search Engine Optimization company or agency that requires copyright of the work they produce is trying to scam you. I disagree, I think that you have the right to ‘pay them to produce something’ in which case once payment clears, you are the owner of that content –  however if you don’t pay – then the SEO retains ownership of that content.

Now onto the good things

When you select your SEO company you need to find how they’re going to select the keywords to optimize, ask him to explain to you exactly how this works (I’m not saying either of these is correct but they use different structures to accomplishing what you require. The keyword can either be a short tail or a long tail keyword – a short tail keyword is usually a single word maybe 2 words.

A long tail is generally considered to be more than 3 keyboards long. So let’s say “shoe”  would be a short tail keyword, Whereas “best hiking boots for the appalachians” Would be a long tail keyword. Learn more about keywords

The difference between these two selections from an SEO perspective is that the short tail keyword usually has a much higher keyword search volume which means that the number of times that that word is searched 4 per month is much much higher than the long tail keyword.

For instance “SHOE” gets about 50k searches per month, whereas “best hiking boots for the appalachians” gets less than most tools can count (meaning generally under 50 searchs per month).

But the latter is much more specific in what the searcher wants and expects – and therefore may convert into more sales – the metric that makes this most apparent is the cost per click (from an AdWords perspective) – the higher the cost per click – the more conversion oriented a keyword is.

Now we’re going to take a look at what we consider to be one of the best SEO companies around, and what their view is on picking a good SEO in Melbourne.

1 –  don’t pick an SEO based on their position in Google (we are aiming for number 1 – even just as a blog so…) –  this may seem counterintuitive and sometimes it is, some SEO’s will try to show that they understand how ‘Google ranking’ works by ranking their own brand.  however we also know that an SEO that is busy, doesn’t have time to rank their own property (site).

2 – Never trust a TOP SEO list –  these list are lead generation lists, and the leads (you) are sold (to the SEO that selected that spot on the list).   More often than not in order to gain a position on one of these lists you just need to buy that position from the list provider. It is not an indication that the SEO is it any good.

3 – There is no secret sauce –  SEO is like open source software –  free but not easy to use.  any SEO that tries to explain to you that they have some secret process that bypasses Google is more likely than not using blackhat methods –  they may work in the short-term but in the long term Google rankbrain we’ll figure them out and penalize you site.

So what should you do when selecting possibly the BEST SEO agency in the World? – Or at least the BEST SEO AGENCY in Melbourne?

Well these are the steps we follow – let’s call them best practice steps in hiring.

1 –  Sit down with your team and determine what it is you would like to accomplish,  how can SEO help you.  you should by now have some understanding of the click-through rate on your website as well as the number of eyes that need to pass your site before the conversion happens.

When you sit down with the SEO. Have them explain their process to you and determine whether or not they can help you accomplish your goals.

Find an SEO that will help you look over your data to determine what question is being asked of Google a good SEO should help you define the problem that your business solves.

A good SEO will then also explain to you how to format and create data and information on your web page that provides the most relevant response to the question being asked of the search engine.

2 – Request that the SEO agency ‘Define’ how they’re going to make you a more relevant response then your competitors. Click here to learn more about relevance.

3 – The agency you choose should let you know what type of resources you will need for any internal amendments that you will need to make to your site.  changes that may be required are specially formatted content imagery that is related to the topic and a URL structure that allows Google to easily crawl and index your content.

4 – Something to remember is that SEO is extremely competitive 95% of all clicks go to the results on and more than 50% of those kids go to the top 3 positions. – This in turn means that SEO is not cheap.  Find an agency that is willing to scale their pricing based on the competitive nature of the environment within which you operate.

If you have any questions feel free to send them to the email address below as always Keep On Keepin On.




SEO Melbourne – Checklist for best search experience

our Melbourne SEO Experience – checklist 1

Today we’re going to take a look at a document published by Edgy labs – and how it relates to the SEO industry in Melbourne Australia.

It is called the ultimate 2018 SEO ranking checklist.

Right off the bat – I want to say that I agree with the majority of things said in this document – I will link to it below its.

So in starting the document with a statement that in the digital world SEO – or search engine optimization is an absolute necessity – ticks my first box as I cannot agree with that more. Although get ‘some experts’ like Neil Patel claim that SEO is dead because RankBrain is getting so good, but at the end of the day there will always be people that are trying to understand what RankBrain is doing – and how we can best create the most relevant response to a question you or your customer is looking for.

The first point of Interest raised in this article is respect the Google bot – (A Melbourne SEO agency told us this also)  we often speak to clients that I asked us to sidestep the Google Voice but we know that if you do that it won’t take long for your site to lose its ranking you have to think about how Google find you a page.  Google uses web Crawlers to find your page It needs to be able to navigate your size easily if it can’t do this and you’ve already lost we have to think about the way that you read a book you go to the index all the glossary you find the page with the relevant content Google what does much the same thing the checks your menu structure – Find a page and then tries to determine what they page is about.  there are things that you can do to help the cool I understand what the page is about but then we are moving away from Strictly White Hat SEO and into a grey hat space.

Learn More About SEO here

But I did find funny about this article though is that the article itself doesn’t explain how to respect the redo but it doesn’t explain how the Google but works it merely advises you to hire somebody that does.  so that’s marked down I came to this article to learn how to do this not to be told that I should go out and find someone to do it for me.

The second most important thing the number to on this list is doing your keyword research and I agree with that he would research is not easy and it is extremely important. I spoke to our SEO and she said she prefers tools like KWfinder if you are on a budget, or SEMrush if you are doing this professionally. Additioanlly, you should become skilled in the ways of Google Search Console  – it can help you to pull up the terms That are currently being searched for  end are already indexed for pages on your site.


When we first meet with our SEO she told us that we should look at the uses and try to come up with a primary ‘keyword’ based on what the user is trying to accomplish – start with that and then break it down to the number of ways in which that question can be asked.  We will be guessing what your customer wants. But we should also be clear in what we are trying to provide as an answer to the question that somebody is asking Google.

When we first went down this road (we hired a melbourne based SEO agency) we were told that we should avoid the single term keywords –  and aim for ‘long tail keywords’ as they’re easier to get but we have since found that a well-designed websites will allow us to aim for both variations of that keyword both the short-term and long-term keyword.


Read more about this checklist here

The way in which our SEO told us to think about this – is that a short-term keyword is very broad and ‘not focused’ at all whereas a long tail is very specific. Think for instance best brindle Greyhound dog shoes versus dog shoes.


What does Google think is relevant this to us is the most important question you need to ask yourself.

You might have to do some research on Google search engine results page.

If you do this well, it will help you to build your entire website based  on the information you have learned.

Told us that we need to ask the question to Google that we would think we are the answer to.

So let’s take for instance and example “who makes the best aged leather boxing bag?”

There are 2.9 Million results and the search was completed in half a second. If we were to take a look at the top 5 results we would notice that there are seven elements that are common across all of them.

This next bit is where black hat SEO’s try to pull the wool over your eyes – if you place content at the top of Google and it isn’t relevant as a response to the question being asked by your client then Google will notice that there is a high bounce rate – that people come in and look around – dont find what they are looking for, and then leave. – If you hire a good SEO  from Melbourne then you will notice that this is an ongoing battle they are constantly changing contents on your side in order to maximize your on page dwell time.  you will need to speak to them about how to turn this dwell-time  into conversions.


The 5th point in this document is a load of crap –  they mention that META descriptions are a ranking factor with Google and both Google and the reputable MOZ have stated that it is not.


Point 6 is around contextually related keywords – this is one of those ones where someSEO’s will call them LSI’s  which is a little bit of an untruth but at the end of the day what they’re trying to say is if the content on your site uses keywords or synonyms that are contextually related to the contents of a relevant site then Google will place your site in the same contextual space as the relevant site.

And lastly but definitely not least make sure that your site loads quickly if you think about it all that Google is trying to do is create the best user experience for anybody using its platform and your side being super slow is a crap user experience so don’t let it happen be faster if you have any questions feel free to leave comments below I think for now we’re going to keep the comment off but I’ll put a contact Section in the about page feel free to fire me an email and I’ll get back to you thanks.


Signing out


How Google is striving to perfect local search

Google is realizing that time is money

Earlier this year (Jan 31, 2017) Google received approval for their patent US9558210 B1 (filed March 15, 2013), the so called “Determining the quality of locations based on travel time investment” patent.

The patent’s abstract reads as follows:

“Methods and apparatus related to associating a quality measure with a given location. For example, an anticipated distance value for a given location may be identified that is indicative of anticipated time and/or distance to reach the given location. At least one actual distance may be identified that is indicative of actual time for the one or more members to reach the given location. In some implementations, the anticipated/actual distance values may include one or more distributions. A quality measure is then determined based on a comparison of the anticipated distance value and the identified actual distance value. The quality measure is associated with the given location. The quality measure may be further based on additional factors.”

This might sound like a whole lot of gobbledygook to most people but for those of us sad enough to be interested in google patents (like Search Labs Pty Ltd) it gives us a super interesting insight in to another small but important local ranking factor inside Googles algorithm.

But what is it all about I hear you ask and why would it be of interest to SEOs?

Essentially Google is trying to take a search users willingness to travel to a destination in to account when ranking properties in their searches. Google is looking to use this willingness to travel to parameter as part of it’s search result quality scoring.

Google mentions in the patent that.

“The present disclosure is directed to methods and apparatus for determining the quality measure of a given location. In some implementations, the quality measure of a given location may be determined based on the time investment a user is willing to make to visit the given location.”

They then go on further to say.

“The method may further include: identifying, for the or more members, a rank indicative of the number of competing locations bypassed to reach the given location, wherein the determining the quality measure for the given location is further based on the identified rank.”

Let’s have a look at a quick example.

Say you’re kicking back at home with some mates and want to go out to a restaurant for some pizza. You grab your android phone and say “OK Google, best pizza near me”. Google returns a multitude of results, including a map pack showing the 3 local shops with the best SEO.

Papa Gorgio’s is close (only 2 kilometers away) but their pizza is only “alright”. Whilst looking at the local listings you spot Don Carlo’s, a well known local eatery with amazing slices. Don Carlo’s is 6 kilometers away (an extra 10 minutes travel time) but you and your mates decide it’s worth the extra travel time just so you can get a sweet, sweet slice of that famous Don Carlo’s pepperoni pizza.

It’s this willingness to go the extra mile that Google is looking to capture. For all users, Google is realizing that time has a price and the users willingness to invest their own time in to getting to a location when there are other potential valid search results closer to you is an amazing indicator of that local search results quality. Learn more about SEO companies in Melbourne.

An example of the local “map pack” listings for “best pizza New York”.

Another reason why this patent piqued our interest was the way in which Google included a range of optional extras that may or may not be used to augment the algorithm. We were particularly interested in the passages around user and region characteristics and through them any ways in which a business could optimize their local search rank.

Google included a multitude of options in the patent. The ones below were of particular interest. Sometimes a clean up of content is required.

It seems as though Google is looking to use search participants queries to determine one or more “region characteristic” for a given geographic location.

For instance, it seems that Google may recommend a product based on its distance, rather than the entire relevance of that result – distance becomes a relevance factor.

These region characteristics will be used to determine a quality measure for a certain area in an effort to provide more relevant search results. Google goes on to include that the region characteristic could include factors such as population density.

On top of the inclusion of region characteristics Google also wanted to add a user component in to the location quality metrics. The patent explicitly stated:

“The method may further include identifying one or more user characteristics and selecting the members of the population based on whether they share the one or more user characteristics. The one or more user characteristics may include at least one of a semantically meaningful characteristic and a latent characteristic.”

Through the passage above, Google makes clear their intentions to aggregate user data when it comes to local search and recommend certain results based on similarities. We haven’t yet figured out how this could be put to use from a SEO point of view but believe me we’re working on it.

But what if you are feeling nostalgic and decide to drive 130km back to your home town to get a slice of pizza from the favorite pizzeria of your childhood? Google has that covered too. They list an exception in the patent for excluding out-liers and thus enable them to remove the influence of people that are willing to invest a significant amount of travel time in to a certain task for less than normal reasons.

Googles patent US9558210 B1 dovetails in quite nicely with one of their other patents, US9563641B1 “Suggestion refinement“ which also relates to data aggregation. The suggestion refinement patent specifically looks at adjusting the search ranking of results based on whether or not a user or users visit a given location after receiving it as a search result. We will look to go in to more detail on this patent one of our upcoming blog posts.
Thanks for taking the time to read!