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Scary SEO Melbourne – all new?

This is a reviewd of SEO is Melbourne, a review of a blog post I recently read online, its about the process involved with ranking a page on the SERPS, but not just any page, a page about competing comparison sites. It is not easy, but this article spots about 5 ways in which it can be done. (now I removed the link to that post, because my review bastardised it, and then became a beast all unto itself)

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Ok, lets assume, for the content of this article, and for this example – and this experiment. Split Test SEO

That I am trying to rank an SEO site Learn More, with terms that are very very competitive, that I too want to rank for those terms in my SEO site. Lets call it ‘best SEO in Melbourne’ this is the article name, that we will be playing with, or ‘best search engine optimisation service Melbourne’ just to make it a little harder to rank. This it seems is practically impossible, I mean look at the results, old businesses with huge websites. What makes it so hard is the sheer size of these properties, they are enormous, and the content that they carry is well linked and relevant to every page. Split Test SEO

What is an seo agency in melbourne?

So what is the problem we are trying to solve here?

What can we do? Well firstly, of course as with every SEO job, we need to identify the problem. What is going on? It is really hard to rank without using the right keywords, becuse we know that Google uses the keywords to determine what your site is about.- Without the keywords, we arent really linking our content with what the searcher is looking for. Split Test Demographics If you are looking for an SEO, how can I rank for your search without using the terms SEO?

One thing I constantly push down my clients throats now is that if you are purely self serving, it will be hard to get new links.

see for more  info.

But if we compare things we may well provide more than a self serving function. So how do we create this co ntent, but still have a site that acts as our main transaction site? well we need to separate them out, this may be a widget on each page, or on the super segment pages, ie, under the root domain, we can have Search Engine Optimisation, then under that we can hold a news widget, so as not to pull that page too far from the home page. This allows you to hold parent page dedicated to a subject, and also have it carry ‘non promotional content’ that is not entirely static – but because it is comparative, it is more likely to gain backlinks, and those backlinks also will rain readership and – as they are not promotional from a sales perspective, people will not see the sales scenario, you are introducing them to your brand. we naturally seek the best Search Engine Optimisation for our business

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Search Engine Optemisation in Melbourne – Australia? since when?..

I like this content most, its not in my face, and I find that my conversion rates are higher when educating prospective clients. Of course there is the odd guest post, but those to me, are closer to the grey hat content we avoid. Product description pages suffer from all of these other than the comparison report because the comparison offers the client the opportunity to buy either. Increasing ranking on Google When I look over content for clients, at Split Test I find that they usually fail to use their brand or keywords in their content – this is just leaving money on the table – more often than not they make no use of synonyms, or latent semantic index words (if you are interested in this kind of thing, you should check out Worded) its a process by which words are placed in 3d space based on parameters – but other words are placed in the same space, and their relations to each other can be calculated. Split Test SEO

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Another function I am slowly rolling out to my clients are email marketing platforms, the problem I run into repeatedly, with most clients, is that any form of marketing is used as such – it becomes impersonal and click bait laced. They rarely want to contact or discuss with their clients anything if it doesn’t involve trying to sell whatever it is – to their clients. Click Here They have not yet realised that people are constantly bombarded with crap, messages and bargains all day every day – what they want now, is less of that – they just want someone to drop by and say hi – or better yet, they just want their message to be a touch point, something that warms the client up to their message. Why not, its not expensive, its not too time consuming and the guest will become comfortable with the client and their brand.

Authenticity and sincere empathy are 3 factors that are often missed. Learn More

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Often we forget that our spam folder is filled with the corpses of ‘ill gotten’ gains and forgotten dreams. Why would I want to buy your crap, I would much rather hear about what’s happening in your world. About what is going on in the real world. Cheap SEO in Australia

We have a tendency to forget to mention what is in it for the client, we forget that its about them – if there is nothing in it for us, (it would seem) but a lot in it for them, they read it they will.

Create and then exhaust tension – this is hard to do, but they payout is magic – pure magic.

‘You and your team really be…. Wait, are you even aware of these numbers?’

Do they even do reputation managment in Australia?

If we can open that bucket in their mind, and answer its calling in our content, then we will build that trust and authority we spoke of – but do it covertly, or accelerate the building process. Website

This is all we really want or need to do.

Once we are in, we are in.

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Now – this one I love, this is the act of creating controversy, controversy is king when you want to create loyalty.


The world is so massive, and so grey, and bland that people need to pick a side – the middle road although safe, is boring, and no fun.

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The edges though that is where the action is…..